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Most Popular Uganda Gorilla Safari Tours

Also known as the ‘Pearl of Africa’, Uganda is one of the few African Countries with a rich biodiversity; characterized by a number of wildlife and plant species; magnificent landscape with the highest elevation at Margherita peak (5,109m), on Mt. Rwenzori (third highest Mountain in Africa), Kasese district, Western Uganda; a series of water bodies that range from rivers to lakes such as Lake Victoria which is the Largest lake in Africa shared by Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

Short Uganda Gorilla Safaris

3 days Uganda Gorilla Safari Tour Bwindi Impenetrable

This is a short mountain gorilla safari in Uganda. It entails the avenues of exploring the rich country side and the endangered. Read More

3 days Gorilla Safari Uganda to Mgahinga Gorilla Park

The 3 days Gorilla Safari to Mgahinga takes you through the gorilla trekking experience in the three of the eight Virunga volcano. Read More

4 days Uganda Gorilla Safari, Wildlife Chimp trekking

4 Days Bwindi Gorilla Safari and Mburo involves encounters in the savannah park of Lake Mburo with its splendid Lake Mburo. Read More

4 Days Gorilla and Wildlife Uganda Safari

The 4 Days Gorilla and Wildlife Safari in Uganda to Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi. Read More

5 Days Uganda Bwindi Gorilla Tour

5 Days Bwindi Gorilla Tour & Kibale Chimps allows you to explore the chimpanzees of Kibale National Park which is also known as. Read More

Short Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Safaris

2 Days Rwanda Uganda Gorilla Safari

2 Days Rwanda Uganda gorillas Safari is the briefest safari that you can ever have covering Rwanda and Uganda. The encounter. Read More

3 days Gorilla Rwanda Uganda Safari

The 3 Days Gorilla Safari in Rwanda and Uganda is designed to enable time constrained. Read More

4 days Gorilla Tour in Rwanda Uganda

4 Days Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda and Uganda involves gorilla trekking encounters in both Rwanda and Uganda. Read More

Long Uganda Gorilla Safaris

6 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari

The 6 Days Uganda Gorilla, Chimpanzee & Wildlife Safari is a diverse safari package. Read More

6 Days Uganda Chimpanzee Safari

6 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari commences and ends in Kampala city, the Uganda’s capital. It involves gorilla trekking encounter in Bwindi. Read More

7 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari to Bwindi

7 Days Uganda Gorilla safari to Bwindi and Tours involves a range of tourist encounters that combine to generate ultimate safari. Read More

8 Days Uganda Mountain Gorilla Safari

The 8 Days Uganda mountain Gorilla safari takes you through the chimpanzee safari destination of Kibale, Mount Ruwenzori hiking. Read More

10 days Uganda Gorilla Safari Holiday

10 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari Holiday commences and ends in Kampala. The safari tour involve. Read More

Long Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Safaris

5 Days Rwanda Uganda Gorilla Safari

5 Days Rwanda Uganda Gorilla trekking Safari commences and ends in Kigali. The 5 Days safari tour involves trekking gorillas. Read More

6 days Rwanda Uganda Wildlife Safari

The 8 Days gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda & Uganda offers the opportunity to trek gorillas in both Rwanda and Uganda. Read More

12 Days Rwanda Uganda Gorilla Safari

The 12 days Rwanda Uganda Gorilla trekking safari offers the perfect blend of Uganda and Rwanda which are apparently. Read More

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