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Murchison Falls National Park

“Safari for colorful waterfall memories that will last a lifetime” - Murchison Falls National Park

The now Murchison Falls National Park was first visited by the European explorers John Speke and James Grant in 1862 and thoroughly explored by Samuel and Florence Baker in 1863-1864 during their Uganda adventure safari tour.

The park was named Murchison after the geologist Roderick Murchison the then president of Royal Geographical society.

The park was first gazetted as a game reserve in 1926 making it the oldest and largest conservation area in Uganda most probably noted as the first piece of the beauty at the pearl of Africa, as described by Winston Churchill.

Straddling the Equator, endowed with plentiful natural resources from friendly people, water wonders, flora, and fauna is Uganda! Aland locked country referred to as a leading tourism destination because of her diverse uniqueness from wildlife, flora fauna, water wonders and friendly people only appreciated when you plan a Uganda safari tour.

If you choose to focus on beauty within, a true piece of beauty is in one of the 10 national parks In Uganda named Murchison Falls National Park.


murchison falls national park map
murchison falls national park map

Brief Facts about Murchison Falls National Park Uganda

Location: Uganda
Nearest City: Masindi
Coordinates: 02°11′15″N 31°46′53″E
Area: 3,893 km2 (1,503 sq mi)
Official Name: Murchison Falls-Albert Delta Wetland System
Governing body: Ugandan Wildlife Authority
Established: 1952

What to see at Murchison Falls National Park Uganda –  Safari attractions in Murchison Falls National Park Park

The powerful waterfall is the most creative art that will leave you feeling the worth of your safari with the waters pouring down strongly marking the last point of violent pours with the river continuing calmly. It’s not only about the falls, the top end of the falls gives you the beautiful colors of the rainbow all day, a stunning experience on an adventure safari tour to Uganda.

Birds at Murchison Falls National Park are about 451 bird species present at this spot with water birds like the pelicans, Darters, the endangered shoebill and various heron species, the savannah forest birds include the Red-Throated Bee-Eater, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill and Denham’s bustard. The Budongo 59 “restricted range” species like the dwarf king fisher, white thighed hornbill, Goliath heron and the great blue turaco are some of the amazing birds of the park.

Wildlife finds a beautiful home at this park with about 76 species of mammals, the residents of the park being the hippos, Uganda’s largest population of Nile crocodiles and the elephants, giraffes and buffalos being some of the animals that visit the river banks regularly. The grassland supports other animals like the waterbucks, warthogs, chimpanzees at the Budongo forest with the Ugandan Kob that is one of the beauties on the Ugandan emblem. Driving to the park for a wildlife safari in Uganda, a stop at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is the best idea to have a glance at the white Rhinos.

What to do at Murchison Falls National Park Uganda | Murchison Falls National Park Activities

Uganda Birding Safaris & Tours; Get better with the big number of bird species, amazing enough for a birder including the savannah forest birds like Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, Red-Throated Bee- Eater and Denham’s bustard, water birds, Albertine rift endemics and the shoebill that are a must tick on your bird list for a passionate birder more easily spotted in the dry season. The birder will have a glimpse on the water birds too including the pelicans, Darters and various heron species.

]The Launch Trips; Along the Nile below the spectacular waterfall, a lifetime memory of the best adventure tour in Uganda with a very rare experience of that hair-raising moment when you cruise past the hippos. There two boat cruises one that goes upstream from Paraa giving a memorable frontal view of the falls departing at 9am and 2pm daily for three hours. The other boat goes downstream to the Nile Albert delta with the best chance of sighting a shoebill for about 4-5 hours. A sundowner boat cruise at 5;30pm gives a classic view of an equatorial sunset reflected on the river.

Sport Fishing Tours in Uganda; Is one good safari adventure to try out in the calm side of the water with Nile perch in the fresh well aerated water of the Nile and a fortunate big catch could be made along the rocky surfaces of the falls.

Game Drives; Through the park gives a clear view of the wild game and best opportunity to take your memorable pictures with the guide taking you to where you can find a pride of lions and fortunately the leopard in the evening.

Cultural Encounters; Can be experienced during the evening chill with the energetic dancers from Mubako performers who perform around camp fires giving you a magical Uganda cultural safari experience as the realities of the African life unfold just in front of you.

Hiking to the Top of the Falls; On the 43m (141ft) rift valley wall from the base for about 45minutes is excruciating but anyway, what awaits you at the top is a whole beautiful new world. Nature walks during the hike is the best way to explore the attractions for nature lovers as you won’t miss out on anything with the close views of each attraction.

How to get to Murchison Falls National Park Uganda | Murchison Falls National Park Map

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Getting to Murchison Falls National Park Uganda;

  1. By Road. Murchison falls national park is 282km from Kampala via Masindi about 5hours and 19 minutes’ drive.  From Bugungu wildlife reserve to Murchison falls national park it’s 51.3km about 1 hour 38 minutes’ drive using the fastest route via paraa ferry crossing to Murchison where you can hike to the top. From Karuma game reserve, Murchison falls is 111km via Bobi- Masindi road about 2hours and 11minutes drive.
  2. By Air. A flight to your ultimate Uganda adventure tour destination can be organized from Entebbe international airport or Kajjansi near Kampala- Uganda’s capital to Pakuba airfield for about 1-hour North of Paraa 23.1km from the park. The other airfields include Chobe airfield in the East and Bugungu airfield in the South.

Best Uganda safari/visit/tour time to Murchison Falls National Park

The best time of the year for your adventure safari to Uganda at Murchison Falls National Park is during the dry months of the year between June-August and January March when the park is more accessible. The best time for your birding safari in Uganda at Murchison Falls National Park is at dawn as you experience a downstream cruise to the Lake Albert Delta.

Contemplating about rainbows and how beautiful they can be, Uganda’s Murchison Falls National park has it all day long accompanied by the big four (Buffaloes, Elephants, Lions and Leopards). Great wildlife memories are only created under vibrant colors during Uganda safaris to Murchison Falls National Park.