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Background of Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda

Experience the Mystical Challenge on a Uganda Safari to the Rwenzori’sRwenzori Mountains National Park

The Rwenzori mountains formerly dubbed as the “Ruwenzori range” and wonderfully identified by the Alexandrine geographer Ptolemy in AD150 as the legendary “mountains of the moon”. By 24th May 1888 Henry Stanley placed the soaring mountain on the world map and labeled it “Ruwenzori” a native name he recorded as “rain maker” or “cloud king”. The park was gazetted in1991, upgraded as a UNESCO world Heritage site in 1994 and named a Uganda safaris ramsar site in 2008.

A safari to a small country sprawling on both sides of the equator where mountains are towering high in the skies surrounded with terraced lush vegetation is that one rewarding lifetime Uganda safari. The country’s terrain is amazing, endowed with mountains and plains. In the ice capped mountain is designated one of the national park networks of the country-Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

Brief Facts about Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda

Location: Kasese District Uganda
Nearest City: Kasese
Coordinates: 00°22′N 29°57′E
Area: 998 square kilometers (385 sq mi)
Official Name: Rwenzori Mountains Ramsar Site
Governing body: Ugandan Wildlife Authority

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What to see at Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda – Safari attractions in Rwenzori Mountains National Park

  1. The Rwenzori Mountains give a captivating natural scenery as you view from the foothills on your Uganda mountaineering safari, with “a carpet decorated floor” with moorland, bamboo and a rich moist montane forest. The beautiful huge tree-heathers and multi dotted mosses dominate the mountain side with giant lobelias and an irresistible “fairytale scene” from the smiling flowers in front of you below waterfalls.
  2. Altitude loving birds add up to about 217species with 19 Albertine rift endemics like the Rwenzori Turaco, Shelly’s Crimsonwing, Handsome Francolin, Montane(Rwenzori)Nightjar, Archer’s Robin Chat, Dwarf Honey guide, Red-throated Alethe, Kivu Ground Thrush, Montane Masked Red faced Woodland and Stripe-breast Tit. These and many more birds will deliver beautiful melodies to calm you as you feel the cool winds slipping down from the “clouds.
  3. The spectacular pristine landscape is home to wildlife about 18mammal species (though rarely seen) including Elephants, buffalos, chimpanzees, giant forest hogs, bush bucks and leopards, 9 reptile species,6 amphibian species. A Uganda wildlife safari to Rwenzori Mountains National Park is rewarding with rare species like the three horned chameleon, the Rwenzori double collared sunbird primates such as the White and black Colobus monkey, the blue monkey are possibly sighted on the mountain.

What to do at Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda | Rwenzori Mountains National Park Activities

World Class Mountain Hiking

is the popular activity associated with the Rwenzori mountains National Park. If you are interested in mountaineering or wondering how it really feels going above towards the sky not just in a video game, plan a Uganda mountain hiking safari and have the real experience. If you are not daring to take that hike to the 5,109m Margherita peak through the central circuit which takes 8-9 days for experience hikers, Short treks can be organized to about 2,596m at sine Hut. Peak hiking will get you excited with the wildlife along your way but also expect your feet to bruise and get aching at times to a point where you can feel a coin side if placed on you.

Uganda Birding Safaris

will not disappoint you with about 19 Albertine endemics you should expect including the Rwenzori Turaco, Montane(Rwenzori)Nightjar, Dwarf Honey guide, Archer’s Robin -Chat, Red throated Alethe, Red faced Woodland Warbler, Montane Masked. Other species include Lammergeier, Red thighed sparrow hawk, Archer’s Robin-chat with many more that you wont miss ticking on your bird list.

Cultural Tours

in Uganda’s mountain Rwenzori as you take a nature walk to the surrounding communities of the Bakonzo Villagers and do fishing with your hands in the streams increase on your safari memories.

How to get to Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda | Rwenzori Mountains National Park Map

Use the Directions button to get there. – “Rwenzori Mountains National Park”

Getting to Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda;

  1. By air: Uganda safari tour flights to Rwenzori Mountains national park by Aerolink Uganda are organized in two different categories; From Entebbe International airport to Kasese airport non-stop flights take 1h 2 times daily at 10:20- 11:25 by Aerolink 122 and 14:55-15:55 by Aerolink 122 all week round. Then a road drive to the national park about 25.9km via Mpondwe road. From Entebbe International airport to Kasese airport via kihiihi airstrip is 1H 50min by Aerolink Uganda.
  2. By road: There three major routes to Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda from Kampala; Route 1. Rwenzori mountains national park is 372km via Mubende – Fort portal-Kasese road about 6h26min drive on a tarmac road and this is the shortest route. Route 2. Rwenzori Mountains National Park is 406km via Mpondwe -Fort portal road about 7h 19min. Route 3. Rwenzori Mountains National Park is 423km via Masaka-Mbarara-Kasese road. However, Rwenzori Mountains National Park can be accessed from nearby destinations or during a tailored safari to Uganda. From Queen Elizabeth National Park, Rwenzori Mountains National Park is 2.9kmabout 9minutes via Rwenzori road. From Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Rwenzori Mountains National Park is 299km about 5h 54min via Ntungamo – Katunguru road and it’s the fastest route. From Kasese town, Rwenzori mountains National Park is 25.1km via Mpondwe road.From Semuliki National Park, Rwenzori mountains national park is 53.3km on a route currently being widened to make your safari in Uganda more comfortable.

Best Uganda safari/visit/tour time to Rwenzori Mountains National Park

The dry months of January- February and July – August are the best months to tour this string of mountain ranges that form the Albertine rift. The dry months make your mountain hiking safari in Uganda easier than in the rainy season when the area is slippery.

When you don’t go for an extraordinary safari, it feels like that daily journey. Safari to Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains National Park and get out of the traveler crowds: be daring and hike for life lasting memories!

Where to stay in Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda – Rwenzori Mountains National Park Accommodation

Uganda Safari accommodation ranges from luxury/up-market, mid-range to budget;

During your mountain climbing safaris and tours in Uganda is a vailed at Equator snow lodge on the foothills of Rwenzori, Hotel Margherita in kilembe road Kasese.

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is availed at Ihamba safari lodge in the shores of Lake George, Springs International hotel in Kasese.

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Is availed at Wild tracks Overland Camp in kasese 2km to Rwenzori mountains National Park Uhuru 50 Hotel in Kasese, Tropical Savannah Guest House in Kasese, Mwebesa Hotel services in Kasese, Rwenzori International Hotel in Mbogo road Kasese, Sandon hotel in Kasese 19.1km from Rwenzori at US$54 per night.

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