Lake Mburo National Park

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Background of Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

A walk through the Whispers of the wild – Lake Mburo National Park

After a man named Mburo who rubbished his brothers dream of an upcoming flood that eventually happened destroying his property and taking his life, the park was named in his commemoration. The park was dominantly occupied by the Banyankore pastoralists (a Bantu ethnic group), first gazetted in 1933 as a controlled hunting area and later upgraded to a game reserve in 1963, finally a national park in 1993 with historical features that can be sighted during Uganda safaris.

Resting 3,172.5km south of the mighty Indian ocean is Uganda: A landlocked country with a sculptured landscape, pristine jungles, white sand calm lake shores, bushy valleys all convenient for diverse ecosystems. Ever imagined that calm place; ok maybe in your living room alone without unnecessary disturbances but just what you want!  A Uganda safari will get you to that place with whispers of the wild at Lake Mburo National Park.

Brief Facts about Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

Location: Mbarara District,  Uganda
Location: Mbarara
Coordinates: 00°37′40″S 30°58′00″E
Area: 260 square kilometres (100 sq mi)
Official Name: Lake Mburo-Nakivali Wetland System
Established: 15 September 2006
Governing body: Ugandan Wildlife Authority

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What to see at Lake Mburo National Park Uganda – Uganda Safari attractions in Lake Mburo National Park

  1. Wildlife at the park is diverse because of the savannah vegetation. The rock out crops are home to the Klipspringer and the Sitatunga antelope finding home in the swamp environment. The famous Impala antelope, buffaloes, the second largest antelope -eland, biggest concentration of Burchell’s Zebra, the topis that is endemic to the park, Deffasa water buck, bush buck. Uganda wildlife safaris will also bring forth more wildlife like the two diurnal primate species including the vervet monkeys and olive baboons, predators include the hyena, leopard and serval cat, Nocturnal species like the hare, porcupine, white-tailed mongoose, honey badger and side-stripped jackal. The water in Lake Mburo national park hosts concentrations of hippos. These are so over whelming and yet that’s not all!!!
  2. Birds add up to 315 species including the rare African Fin foot and shoebill stork (though sightings are rare), the cormorant, fish eagle, pelican, heron, Rufous-belled Heron, Bateleur, Coqui Francolin, Grey crowned crane, Black-bellied bustard and Brown chested Lapwing within this small park.
  3. The landscape in Lake Mburo National Park makes it distinct describing the greatness of a small savannah national park with lakes that serve as a habitat for aquatic specie like the hippos, seasonal and permanent swamps. There 15 square miles of interesting acacia dotted savanna that shelter mammal species.

What to do at Lake Mburo National Park Uganda | Lake Mburo National Park Activities

Walking Safaris

safaris is that one activity one could call unique to this park. Lake Mburo National Park is the only park where you experience an ultimate wildlife safari in Uganda since the park is open to walkers all year as long as they are accompanied by a ranger guide. The animals in this park are not dangerous and therefore you can traverse the park on foot and have a close view of the calm wildlife.

Launch Trips

on the lakes for about 2 hours on a serene boat voyage where you have the best opportunity to spot the colorful kingfishers, magnificent fish eagles and Hammertoes during that Wildlife safari tour in Uganda from the lake View in Lake Mburo national park.

Birding Safaris in Uganda

can be tailored to your Uganda wildlife safari and tours in Lake Mburo National Park with about 315 bird species including the rare African Fin foot and shoebill stork (though sightings are rare), the cormorant, fish eagle, pelican, heron, Rufous-belled Heron, Bateleur, Coqui Francolin, Grey crowned crane, Black-bellied bustard, just a few on what you will sight. Key birding spots include the swampy valley, near the salt lick and forest.

Horse Back Safaris

safaris are possible in this tranquil park as you view wild gem while enjoying the fresh air making it one of its own experience. The best wildlife viewing spots include the salt lick at Rwonyo since animals gather at this spot to lick the salty waters, the lake banks, Rubanga forest and hill tops.

How to get to Lake Mburo National Park Uganda | Lake Mburo National Park  Map

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Location of Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

The smallest savannah national park in Uganda is located in Kiruhura district of Western Uganda. Lake Mburo National Park is 260km2 and the only park closest to both Kampala-Uganda’s capital and Entebbe about 240km (150mi) by road.

Getting to Lake Mburo National Park;

  1. By road: There two different routes to Lake Mburo National parkThe first and fastest route is 220km from Entebbe international airport by ferry from Nakiwogo landing site near the airport to Buwaya landing site on Lake Victoria then a marram road to Mpigi district along Kampala – Masaka road then south to your Uganda wildlife safari destination in about 4h 12min. The second route is Kampala-Masaka-Lake Mburo National park road 229km about 4h 14min.
  2. By air: From Entebbe International airport, the flight is 1h 30min to Mbarara airport using Fly Uganda and a road drive of 75.5km about 1h 31min via Ibanda road.

Best Uganda safari time to Lake Mburo National Park

The best time of the year to tour Lake Mburo National Park Uganda is June-August and December-February when the rains are low and the park more accessible.

“Wishing to have a walk in the wild? No worries, a Uganda safari to Lake Mburo National Park will make your dream true”.

Where to stay in Lake Mburo National Park Uganda – Lake Mburo National Park Accommodation

Luxury/upmarket, mid-range and budget/basic accommodations are all available for your wildlife safaris and tours in Uganda;

are available at Kimbala Montana Lake Mburo Camp in Impala track near lake Mburo national park, Acardia lodge Lake Mburo.

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are available in Mihingo lodge, Rwakobo Rock 1.5km before Nshara park gate.

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are available at Mburo Eagles Nest, Mburo safari lodge in Lake Mburo.

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